Early Childhood-Focused

Shoelace Coding has been created based on a set of core values. One of these core values is that Shoelace Coding is Early Childhood-Focused. Listed below are the beliefs that make up this core value.

I believe that...
  • early childhood is a special time of life, deserving of special attention and protections in education.
  • what works in the upper grades may not work in the primary grades (Pre K - 2nd).
  • children younger than three years of age should have limited screen time.
  • reciprocal interactions between young children and their caregivers as well as young children and other children are crucial to learning.
  • technology should foster young children's innate drive to create.
  • worksheets (either offline or online) are not the best practice for early childhood classrooms.
  • teachers must work with families to create practical and meaningful technology experiences for young children.
  • even very young children are capable of being digital citizens.
  • equitable access to technology for all young children is critical.

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